Movie News...

From IMDB:

"Wahlberg Signs Up As Gosling's Replacement

Mark Wahlberg has replaced Ryan Gosling in director Peter Jackson's new film - one day before shooting began. Gosling pulled out of The Lovely Bones on Friday, despite the fact he had gained 20 pounds and grown a beard for his role. The Half Nelson actor quit over creative differences, according to industry paper Daily Variety. The Departed star Wahlberg signed up to play the part, a grieving father of a murdered girl, on Sunday. The Lovely Bones, the movie adaptation of Alice Sebold's bestseller, also stars Rachel Weisz. Filming began in Pennsylvania on Monday. "

Reasons why I find this interesting:
  • Peter Jackson kicks ass, obviously.
  • Stuart Townsend quit the role of Aragorn in Fellowship just as filming was about to start. Hmmm...
  • I've read 'Lovely Bones' and it sucks. It's also been done. A lot. Why is Jackson bothering?
  • Like it or not, Marky Mark fucking rules.

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