Movies By The Bucketload

So I spent a lot of time watching movies this weekend- woo hoo! Here's a run down of what I saw, and advice on what to avoid and what to check out:

I love Pixar- Toy Story has long been one of my all time favourite flicks. Ratatouille is one of their stronger offerings. To rate it against other Pixars, it's of the same caliber as Finding Nemo- some great laughs, amazing animation, great characters & story. It's no Toy Story, or Incredibles, but those are very, very high standards.

Black Sheep
Missed this one at Cannes so glad I got to see it here. Twas fun, tongue firmly in cheek, lots of gore- but in a comedy way.

Sucked. Bad. And I like shitty horror films.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
How am I only seeing this now? Excellent, unsurprisingly, as it's Spielberg. The only film I caught in the IFI Horrorthon cause Planet Terror was sold out.

Unfortunately I haven't got around to seeing 'Garage' yet. Hope I get round to it before it finishes..

Here's the trailer for Black Sheep:

And here's a funny video of regular non-zombie sheep:

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