Noel Dempsey: Slept With Your Girlfriend; Stole Your Car; Told Your Mother You Were Smoking.

Minister for transport Noel Dempsey is today the most hated man in Ireland. He has ushered in a series of new rules recommended by the Road Safety Authority which severely restrict learner drivers.

The new scheme abolishes Provisional Licenses in favour of 'Learning Permits', which will have several effects on drivers, including the fact that 2nd provisional holders will no longer be able to drive without a qualified driver. Once drivers pass their driving test they will no longer be immediately recognised as qualified drivers, but will be regarded as 'Restricted' drivers for a period of 2 years. This period will require the driver to display 'R' plates, and will also see the driver as being susceptible to harsher penalties than regular drivers. There are also plans for lower speed limits for learners/ restricted drivers, but no dates have been set for these yet.

The existing legislation comes into effect from Monday, after which the above breeches are considered criminal offenses.


How are these measures going to help anyone?

How are people supposed to get qualified if it takes YEARS to get a test?

What are the many thousands of learner drivers in the country to do come Monday morning? Many of them need their cars to get to work. Now if they do so, they will be criminals.

How will this affect the real cause of the majority of road accidents- the 'high-risk' group of young males who modify their cars and drive like maniacs with no regard for speed limits or safety? These people have all been driving for years and have no doubt already got their full licenses.

Does this mean that learner drivers should as of Monday stop paying their insurance, as driving alone will certainly void it?

What happened to Noel Dempsey yesterday that made him this vindictive? Did his wife leave him? Is she taking the kids?

I've just been to the Garda station to get an application form for another test, and the place looked like the aftermath of a festival- it's obviously been crazy busy all day. They were completely out of forms, and I'd assume that'll be the case all over the country. So I guess we can add another couple of months to the waiting list. I was just talking to a friend of the family who is in her 60's and on a provisional. She's upset that she won't be able to go to her bingo night anymore. With all the pressure of the wait and the build up to the test, she's way too nervous to pass, but clearly isn't a risk as she drives slowly and carefully. She also pointed out that a lot of her friends would use their cars to pick up their husbands from the pub. Does this mean they can't do that anymore? Will this see an increase in drink driving?

You bastard, Dempsey.

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