ATP Portishead Festival Next Week

Trip-hop legends Portishead are getting back in gigging form with a Bristol show on December 15th. A long awaited new album is due to finally arrive soon, and the band's profile is being firmly re-raised with their curating the All Tomorrows Parties 'Nightmare Before Christmas' event next weekend in Butlins, Minehead (in Wales, as googlemaps helpfully informed me).

The band have handpicked the lineup & will perform live themselves in what's just another example of why the ATP crew are probably the best promoters in the world. Here's a sample of the lineup: Portishead, Aphex Twin, Sparklehorse, Malcolm Middleton, Black Mountain, Thurston Moore. This list goes on. And on. Check it out here.

Other ATP gigs lined up are pant-crappingly exciting. Here's their 'ATP vs Pitchfork' lineup, featuring Sebadoh!! Click.

Here's the Explosions In The Sky curated event. Click.

And here's one of their 'Don't Look Back' shows, where artists play classic albums in their entirety. The first one for 08 is a band I not three sentences ago awarded a double exclamation mark. Yes, Sebadoh performing 1993's 'Bubble & Scrape'. Here's hoping Lou Barlow & Co will grant us an audience over on this side of the Irish sea before long.

Here's Portishead performing 'Roads' amazingly, from their live in New York DVD:

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December 1, 2007 at 11:20 AM Tom said...

Should be a good weekend, but please don't use the "Trip Hop" phrase.

December 3, 2007 at 4:42 AM Clockwork Rob said...

It just rolls easier off the tongue than funky-mellow-sampley-electro-blues-trippy-hip-hop.