Chris Weitz 'His Dark Materials' Article

Here's an interesting article on Chris Weitz firting with jumping ship from the just-around-the-corner-now Northern Lights adaptation.

I still have my doubts about him taking the helm, doubts which were enhanced in this article by reminding me that Weitz directed the Chris Rock vehicle 'Down To Earth', which is easily one of the worst films I've ever seen. And not the good kind of bad film, I mean the so-bad-it's-really-quite-offensive kind of bad film. It's one of the few flicks I've actually walked out of. Granted, it was written by Chris Rock, who in addition to not being funny is also a shameless rascist.

Other bad signs: Weitz previous literary adaptation was of Nick Hornby's 'About A Boy', which dicked around with the material so much that the entire last third of the movie was Weitz's own.

Also, Northern Lights has been dumbed down from the get-go, with the title being changed to 'The Golden Compass'. So immediatley it's more 'Harry Potter' than 'Lord Of The Rings'. Ulp.
Am I still going to go see it though?
Hell yeh.

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