Get Your Blowdryers Ready...

That's right, Bon Jovi are coming to Ireland.

The grand event is gonna be at Punchestown, which pretty much dampens my enthusiasm already. It's scheduled for June 7th of next year. Tickets go on sale next thursday, but prices haven't been announced yet. Expect to pay around 50 euro, I guess.

I've had a couple of Bon Jovi run ins in my time, the first being one of my first ever gigs- the Crossroads tour in 95, which was pretty awesome, in that Bon Jovi kinda way. Then I caught em in the RDS for Jon's famous 'God is on the payroll, thunder & lightning shtick', which was pretty damned awesome.

But the awesomest of all had to be when Conor & I got free tickets (i swear) to see 'By Jovi' in the Olympia a couple of years back. It was populated by middle aged women, hen nights & us two schmoes, and was fucking amazing. Needless to say we got heavily inebriated, singing along to every song, standing on our seats and repeatedly bellowing for 'You Give Love A Bad Name' (which as a result they played twice). What a night, what a band...

Thanks to Ruthy (who had texted me about this probably before the whole band knew) for the heads up.

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