NCT Officers Should Run The Country

Get this for INSANE organizational skills- I received a letter the other day informing me that my car was soon going to reach that stage where it must be certified as safe by the NCT.
I had not been aware of this at all, so, first off, it was fairly nice of them to inform me that something needed to be done.

But the good people at the NCT wouldn't hear of me lifting a finger on the matter- they'd already taken the liberty of making me a booking for a date that might perhaps suit me in December. How nice! All I had to do was confirm the date with them. How? By simply texting them the word 'confirm' and my car registration.

How goddamn convenient is that?

Which leads me to my question: what the hell is happening over at the Driving Test offices? One look at the military precision with which this place is run and you'd be forgiven for concluding that Driving Tests must be organized by people who either have no idea what they're doing, or just don't give two fucks about it.

So what are the chances of outsourcing some tests to the NCT? Or how about doing a two in one thing, like a trip to the car-liscencing superstore? Either way, we should commend these people for taking something that could easily have been done half-assed, and pulling it off in a thoroughly full-assed way. Kudos NCT people, you have my respect.

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