SugarLips Review

The weekend has come and gone, and with it was the first SugarLips festival. The whole shebang was a great success, with some amazing acts gracing us with their presence and everybody having one hell of a time. My chest infection has mercifully waited until now to unleash the full brunt of its wrath, so I managed to get through the fest without collapsing or coughing up (too much) blood.

Highlights? There were many-Saturday night saw five bands tearing up the stage in the Tube. Glory Glove & The Midwife Crisis were hilarious, starting off the night excellently with a pinch of madness. Forward More blasted out the slickest, most refined set I've seen them play yet. The lads just keep getting better, so they've set themselves a bitch of a task for impressing me the next time I see em! Saints of Descent rocked the crowd with a tight set which saw them push themselves to the edge without putting a foot wrong.

A poster named Amy commented on my ABAM spotlight last week, and having seen the guys play on Saturday I completely agree with her. They rocked the shit out of the place, skeleton stylee, with 'Big Apple, 3AM' being one of my highlights of the entire weekend. Skuzzi Port finished off the night expertly, turning the emphasis from moshing to dancing. Their set was trippily kickin, and despite some technical difficulties they kept the momentum up flawlessly, setting the perfect scene for some more dancing & a whole lot more boozing. The aftershow party fulfilled this need 100%, with DJ John de Hat spinning tunes that had me physically unable to leave the dancefloor for prolonged periods of time & left me with a burning desire to download as much electro as my hard drive can take.

So SugarLips was a success- thanks to all the bands that played, all the people who came along and everyone who helped out along the way. SugarLips will return... keep your eyes open & your ear to the ground. Or alternatively just keep reading.

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