SugarLips Spotlight No.9: Clockwork Noise

Tis a bit odd to be profiling Clockwork Noise, cause as I'm sure most of you know, I'm in the band, so bear with me and I'll try not to blow our own horn.

Clockwork Noise formed from the ashes of pop-punk-ish Nivola, with the notion of being vaguely experimental, and to mostly record rather than play live. The two Nivola-ites (myself and Dylan Nolan on Bass) recruited Blathnaid Healy on Violin and Aaron Kennedy on drums to record what turned out to be our debut album 'If I Wanted, I Could'. The styles on the album were varied, as we attempted to explore several different directions at once.

We've kept true to our ambitions of not playing many live gigs, having broken it only to support God Is An Astronaut, and play infrequent shows in the Harbor Bar in Bray, but hope to make our SugarLips performance the first of many in the near future as we seek to test new material for our soon to be recorded (long overdue) follow-up EP. Samples of this ever elusive EP have been turning up sporadically on our myspace profile as we take our sweet time with chopping, changing, writing, recording then scrapping everything and starting again.
While you wait for it to finally materialize, you can now purchase 'If I Wanted, I Could' from iTunes. If I knew how to link you to it, I would, but unfortunately have no idea. I'm sure iTunes users won't have a problem finding it..

Clockwork Noise open this Friday night, Nov 16th, at the SugarLips Festival in Bray.

Click me to listen to Clockwork Noise's ambitious genre mixing 'A Number To Make You Cry'.

Check out Clockwork Noise on myspace here.

Keep checking the SugarLips myspace profile for updates.

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