SugarLips Spotlights No. 7: Saints Of Descent

Saints of Descent are undergoing an identity change. The band were formally know as TASC (Tortured Artists Social Club) and under that moniker enjoyed quite a degree of success- including a nomination for 'Best Band' at the Balcony TV awards.

In Late 2004 after the break up of Red Lunacy, Ryan Margolin (Guitar/vocals) and Johnny OBrien (vocals/bass) began passing back and forth different ideas for a new project, and Tortured Artists Social Club was born. The two gents recruited Stephen Whelan on drums and preceded to play a series of well received gigs, recording some great tunes along the way. The lads play their own particular take on classic rock n roll, putting their heart & soul into every performance, as can be clearly heard from their recorded material.

They have generously posted four tracks for digestion on their myspace, a particular highlight being the brand spanking new 313 AM. Which brings us to their reinvention. TASC are in the process of becoming 'Saints Of Descent', and have been preparing a new batch of material to go along with their new incarnation. The band's SugarLips show this weekend will be one of the first opportunities to check out this new material before the band embark on the process of bringing the name 'Saints Of Descent' to the world. So get in on the ground floor, check em out on Saturday night.

Here's the video for their debut single, 'Panda':

Saints Of Descent play this Saturday, Nov 17th at the SugarLips festival in Bray.

Check out Saints Of Descent (as TASC) on myspace here.

Keep checking the SugarLips myspace profile for updates.

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