Sunday Drinking Is Quite Popular In Dublin

Holey Moley, my 'not partying too hard' resolution was short lived. Last night was a tad on the crazy side, to say the least.
Our inordinately large posse got to the Village early enough, and caught half of 'The Thirst's set, which was bad ass (You can get their EP on itunes, do it!). Hot Hot Heat were pretty good, I suppose my enjoyment of the show was limited by the fact that I'm only really into their first album, and they've had two since. But it was still fun, they played around with the songs, and generally put on a good show. We hit the 'Songs Of Praise' Karaoke session downstairs in the village afterwards, which was a Led Zeppelin special, and Si proceeded to win about a million CDs & DVDs with his bitchin rendition of Whole Lotta Love. It all became blurry as we engaged in rounds of shots with Dustin & Luke from HHH. Naturally, shots led to madness, and the next thing we knew we were dancing in the damn Viper Room at Stupid O'Clock.
Blurry madness & tequilas galore.
I suppose you have to do these things from time to time...

Here's the video for 'My Everything' by The Thirst:

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