"ZAIREEKA" Experiment Live on Radio Ulster Tonight

Just got this on a myspace bulletin:

"CALLING ALL FLAMING LIPS FANS!!!1 lengendary record. 8 tracks. 4 separate discs containing 4 separate parts with synchronized start times to be played simultaneously.

"The Flaming Lips groundbreaking "Zaireeka" album is 10 years old this year. An unheard-of experiment with multiple sound sources and listener participation, "Zaireeka" was designed so that friends could gather together with up to 4 separate CD players and attempt to synchronise the 4 discs to paint the full picture of each track.Stephen McCauley will be attempting to do just that, live on BBC Radio Ulster's Electric Mainline tonight from 7:30pm.

"Using 4 separate CD players played from studios in Derry and Belfast and with the assistance of producer Mark Patterson, Deci Gallen from the Jane Bradfords and BBC Radio 1 Northern Ireland presenter Rory Mc Connell, Stephen will play two tracks from "Zaireeka". It seems guaranteed to fail but that's all part of the fun! Tune in to find out. Electric Mainline - tonight 7:30 to 8pm on BBC Radio Ulster."

This is a sweet experiment. I bought Zaireeka a while back and have only attempted the full experience once, and it sounded pretty damn cool. Definitly novelty enough to warrent a listen. I don't know if we can get radio Ulster down here in the pale, but if not you can listen online at bbc.co.uk/radiofoyle.

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