10 Things I Learned In Manchester

1. Buses in Manchester are very expensive. Like seven euro fifty for a trip the equivalent of Dublin to Bray. Insanity!!

2. Students pay much less money for things than regular people. Paying for cinema tickets in particular would have been a very painful process had I not been able to present my magical student card.

3. The Golden Compass sucks, sucks, sucks. More on this to follow.

4. When booking hotels online always read the fine print, even if this means trawling through several page of seemingly meaningless drivel. More than likely, the bastards have snuck in some way in which they can spit in your face and still have the law on their side.

5. England has become far too Americanised for it's own good. Which leads me to..

6. It is very difficult to find half decent food in England. Everything has become homogenised, and if it's not openly branded it makes every effort to make you think that it's simply a different take on a familiar brand. Like the way (some) Americans are completely terrified by the prospect of eating something vaguely unfamiliar, the English now seem to have decided that the less variety available the better. I despaired walking around the city centre and looking at menus featuring the same lame items with different prefixes: 'Spicy Mexican Chicken Goujans' & 'Traditional Italian Chicken Goujans'. Agh! You just know everything is coming out of the same truck. Thank Jeebus for the Lonely Planet, which directed us to our one good meal of the weekend, a lovely Spanish Restaurant called El Rincon De Rafa.

7. The English version of Metro (shitty free morning newspaper) is actually pretty good.

8. When attending Odeon cinemas one should never, ever fork out the extra pound for 'Premier' seats. Contrary to what the box office will tell you these seats do not have the best view, and are infuriatingly uncomfortable.

9. Art-Rocker magazine is to be avoided at all costs. When faced with a spilt second decision between this, Q, and NME, I was foolishly blinded by the Fight Like Apes track on it's free CD. The magazine is as pretentious as it's wanker-y name suggests, and downright lazy in how it goes about it. I fail to see how 'The Macabees' are Art-Rock. I don't even know what Art-Rock is. I have no longer any interest in hanging around to listen to any explanations of what it might be. Apparently the Arctic Monkeys were Art-Rock, but now aren't any more. Fuck right off Art-Rocker Magazine, I detest you.

10. The 'Jerboa' (like a cross between a mouse, a rabbit and a kangaroo) is nearly extinct. And is also rather odd looking. Click me for image.

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