Bray Firemen To Have Pay Docked

The 'Bray People' is not usually one for actual news stories (unless you consider 'who was out over the weekend', or 'who's car tax isn't up to date' news) but this week there were two items which caught my eye.

One was the fact that apparently gun shots were fired at a house in Wolfe Tone Square this week. That's pretty alarming, because as bad as Bray is I would never have put it in the gangland drug bracket. Also, Wolfe Tone Square is right around the corner from my house. Eek.

The other item (which I can't understand it not getting more coverage) is the fact that Bray Firefighters are to have their Christmas pay docked by Wicklow County Council for taking sick leave following the recent tragic deaths of two of their colleagues. According to the Bray People the Firemen did receive 'Sick Pay' from an insurance policy but have been told that a retainer paid by WCC due in December will be reduced depending on the amount of sick leave taken. A source from Bray Fire Station added that "most of the men have been off at some point since the tragic loss of two of their colleagues, with either physical injuries or emotional trauma after pulling their deceased friends out of a burning building."

Someone in WCC really needs to step back and think about what the hell they're doing. As if they haven't already lost the public support on the Fire Service issue already, the last thing they should be doing is dicking around like this. Lets hope they have a swift turn around on this particular one.

Apparently there's a protest about this planned for Friday outside Bray Fire Station. The public are urged to attend and sign a petition showing their support. The Firefighters are keen to add that this is not industrial action- they will be on duty. As was rightly pointed out- it's not about the money, it the principle. "Most of us would do this job for nothing, it's a vocation.".

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