Final Fantasy Review & Other Appearance Info

My third time seeing Owen Pallet perform in less than twelve months, and the man seems incapable of putting on a bad show.

The venue was all seated, and we arrived well before support band 'Miracle Fortress' started, to find that nearly all the seats on the ground floor were already taken up by fans who had no doubt been waiting for this show for quite some time. Pallet eventually took the stage and launched into a string of five or six songs which reminded all in attendance exactly why they were there.

My personal highlight of the set was 'Many Lives 49 MP', which has recently become one of my favorite FF songs. The crowd were treated to a bunch of tracks from Owen's forthcoming third album, 'Heartland', some quite experimental and some more traditional, but all fantastic. I shall continue to salivate as I wait for its release.

Owen seemed a tad disconcerted at (a) the size of the venue & (b) his on stage sound (he was experimenting with a four-way mix), but even with these gripes he put on a hell of a show. I can honestly say that there is no performer in the world who has entertained me more than this man. For the entire duration of his set the childish grin did not leave my face for a second.

According to Nialler9, Owen will be appearing as the special guest at the Foggy Notions Christmas Party in Whelan's on Thursday. Woo hoo! Tickets are on sale now at 12.80 a pop.

Photo courtesy of Cathy. Thanks!

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