Football Madness Roundup

This one goes out to the Ginger Beacon:

Steven Gerrard has become the latest Liverpool player to have his home burgled while playing a match. The Liverpool captain was playing a crucial Champions League group match in Marseilles last night when four masked men broke into his home, stealing a large amount of jewelery. Dirk Kuyt, Jerzy Dudek, Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger, Peter Crouch & now Gerrard have all felt the brunt of Liverpool's famously opportunistic fans in the last eighteen months. Classy, Liverpool, classy.

In other football news:

Reports are coming in that at least three Man United fans have been stabbed in Rome. United face Roma tonight for the last game of the Champions League Group stages. The two sides met in the quarter final of the competition last year (a game which i attended). Last year's clash was marred by several violent incidents involving fans, and some very heavy-handed actions by riot police. Several fans suffered the same fate on this previous occasion, one poor unfortunate was even stabbed by a Roma fan while he was already in hospital being treated for an earlier beating.

So what the hell is going on with stab-happy Italian football fans? Something in the pasta? Or is this just another outlet for the passion that their nation is famed for? Either way, people are gonna stop traveling there for sporting events. I certainly won't be back without a stab-vest. And possibly a gun.

Update: 5 stabbed, 7 hospitalized. God damn..

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