JK Rowling Book Sells For £1.95 Million

Got this one from Eoin's blog:

One of seven hand-made & hand-written versions of 'Tales Of Beedle The Bard', a book from the Harry Potter universe (as mentioned in 'Deathly Hallows') has fetched 1.95 million pounds at auction.

Bloody hell. That said, it's quite nice: Click here for pics. This seems like madness, but I must say I am quite vulnerable to the allure of cool books.
I've spent hundreds on old & signed editions, mostly of Vonnegut books (my signed 1st edition 'Breakfast Of Champions' being my pride & joy). So I guess if I had millions of pounds knocking about, I could see myself spending it on some sort of cool waste of money like this.

Maybe it'll be mass produced as next years must-have Christmas gift. I'll start saving now, in that case.

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