SugarLips Is Coming.. Again

Howdy all, so things are coming together nicely for the next Sugarlips show, which is (more than likely) gonna be held on the first weekend of February. Hopefully be that stage all our wallets will have healed enough to venture back into the word of partying.

So in order to raise the bar for ourselves, we're holding a table quiz in a couple of weeks to raise money (so we can buy more coke & hookers for backstage, obviously).

The quiz will be held in the Harbour Bar in Bray on Wednesday the 16th of January. Here's the fun part: we're not sure whether folk would prefer a Movie quiz, or a Music quiz, so we're gonna throw it out there and let you decide. Are we generous, or just lazy.. I don't quite know.


More details of quiz & gig to follow soon.

****UPDATE: Some people are saying both.. damn, shoulda put in a third option. If you reckon both, just leave a comment saying so, I shall tabulate the votes accordingly.

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