8bit forever

My post today harks back to a simpler time , a time of 8bit gaming and games on tape, yup you got it the Commodore 64. (I never had one myself but i remember going over to a friends house and waiting for the tape to load playing one level and then waiting on another tape to load ....ah good times)

But my post isn't really about the C64 it about Rob Hubbard (not the crazy sciencetologist guy).
Rob Hubbard is a music composer best known for his composition of computer game theme music, especially for microcomputers of the 1980s such as the Commodore 64. His work showed the real potential of both the Commodore 64's sound hardware and the ability of good music to improve the gaming experience.In the late seventies, before scoring games, he was a professional studio musician. He decided to teach himself BASIC and machine code for the Commodore 64. His first game soundtrack was for Thing on a Spring, a platform game for Gremlin Graphics, Hubbard created a theme that mixed violins, electric guitars, and amusing basslines. Hubbard went on to write or convert themes for many games on the C64 before moving on after the C64 peroid to composing for PC -games and Sega Mega Drive.
below is a selection of some of Robs scores on the C64

mp3 Crazy Comets Main Theme

mp3BMX Kidz Title Theme

mp3One Man and His Droid Title Theme

mp3Monty on the Run Main Theme

Recently Rob has been playing with the C64 orchestra. The C64 orchestra perform their music, with scoring done by Rob Hubbard himself. The game scores that are to be performed include the following Rob Hubbard compositions: Delta, Commando, Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid and International Karate. They also are doing the scores of Jeroen Tel another master in the 8bit composing field.
Commodore c64 orchestra plays Monty on the Run by Rob Hubbard

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