Apse is an American rock band signed to Spanish label Acuarela Discos. The band has has moved through many different musical styles since its inception, weaving together at various times shoegazer, heavy metal, gothic rock, post-punk, prog-rock, industrial, and post-rock influences; while at the same time dabbling in tribal, experimental, ambient and ethereal atmospheres.Some have called it "post-post rock." Many, the band included, don't know what to call it. It is perhaps that indescribable quality that has led to a growing fan base in Europe, where live performances seem to have taken on a great intensity.
Apse's lineup has changed with almost every release; singer Robert Toher and drummer Ezer Lichtenstein are currently the only members with the group since its start in 1999. The rest of the band includes Michael Gundlach, Austin Stawiarz and John Mordecai.

They play ATP vs Pitchfork in May

Apse The Crowned

Apse (Tanned Tin 2006)

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