Black Cab Sessions & Emmy The Great

Egg was kind enough to bring these two gems to our attention. First is 'Emmy the Great, the Hong-Kong born, London based 'anti-folk' songstress. I don't quite know what anti-folk is supposed to mean, it pretty much sounds like folk to me, but regardless, it's quite good. Here's her playing in the back of a cab:

'Playing in the back of a cab, you say? That's quite odd, is it not?' Why yes, and no. The folk over at have clearly taken a leaf out of the blogotheque guys book and produced a series of live performances in an unusual location, namely.. well, a black cab.

Which makes me think, if there's a Parisian version of this concept, and now a London one- maybe Dublin should hop on the proverbial bandwagon. But where in Dublin would be a suitable location? Suggestions?

Thanks Egg!

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