Eric Clapton supposedly playing Malahide Castle

So on the front of the Evening Herald today I find the announcement that Monsieur Clapton is going to be bringing his bluesy stylings to one of the few venues in the country to which I have never attended a performance of some kind or another.

It is true that the evening Herald has never been reknowned for its quality journalism, normally preferring to languish so comfortably in the middle of the road that its a wonder its not roadkill, and a quick scan of the net reveals no offical announcement, however, it does state that he will play 2 weeks after Radiohead play the same venue and checking Claptons site I see that he is playing Hyde Park at roughly around that time so I'd say its more than just idle bullshit.

Now to those of you who think that Eric the Clapton has shared some remarkable similarities to black coffee for the last 30 years* this tidbit may not be particularly interesting but for all of you who worship at his altar (literally if you've ever seen Tommy) then you won't notice the, no doubt, ridiculous price that you'll end up paying for what will undoubtedly be a display of some fine guitar playing peppered with some random sessions of vigorous masturbation. Fun for all.

*they're both shit without Cream

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