How to quit your job!

So today I decided to hand in my notice. Not being arsed drafting up a letter using my own grey matter, which I reserve for formulating posts for you fine people to read, I decided to just Google "Letters of Notice". Not very interesting you might say and you'd be right but then I did come across one particularly amusing letter of notice in the process.

Although this letter is hopelessly out of date it did make me laugh on several occasions and so I share it with you. This is a letter supposedly written by John Cleese giving notice to the USA that they would be reverting back to being a British Colony as a result of voting in everybodys favourite George as President. Whether it is in fact written by Cleese is irrelevant. The fact is that it is funny. Very Funny
Click here for Hilarity.

(If you have read it already then I apologise in advance and we would remind you that Egoeccentric at all times reserves the right to...shut the hell up fool).

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