Icy Demons

My plan this week is to post a differnt mp3 everyday . with the hope of cheering you up in the post christmas comedown, so today its Icy Demons
Icy Demons is an experimental music project started by Bablicon's Griffin Rodriguez (credited as Blue Hawaii) and Need New Body's Chris Powell (as Pow Pow).This song is off there 2007 album Miami Ice.
Icy Demons -Miami Ice

Hopefully it will make you forget about the grayness outside.

(is the flash player working ??? and if anyone knows whats going on with it can they let us know??)
come back tomorrow of another mp3

on a side note ninja jewel thief loose in staten island! Click here for story

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January 8, 2008 at 4:13 PM Clockwork Rob said...

ninja jewel thief?