Korn remind me that I'm not 17 anymore

So, as often happens, a favourite act of yesteryear or any year come to town and once again I neglect to see them until its too late. But not this time. Oh no! I've always been a casual listener of Korn and have always threatened to go and see them just to get nice and moshy but each time I've never been suitably financially stable/arsed to go and see them. Not until a friend called me in desperation and with a spare ticket for their gig in the Ambassador last night.

So any good? Sure it was. I mean if you like Korn they put on a good show and its always fun to beat the shit out of little emo kids under the guise of moshing. Therein may have lain the rub however as I was constantly reminded that I just am not as young as they are and I probably looked suitably out of place. Not to mention the fact that kids these days just don't know how to beat each other up anymore.

The direction the band have taken with the music lately seems to be more towards that gothic/operatic direction which is fine if you're a wrist-cutter like half the misfits present but a little irritating if you're used to harder fare. "They just seem to have run out of hate" quoted a friend of mine. "He might need to be raped again if thats the case" I thought out loud.

They knocked out a few old classics like A.D.I.D.A.S., Blind and Freak on a Leash but all the new stuff that stopped the moshing just made me wish they'd harken back to the days when they sounded like this:

On a seperate note one of the biggest curiosities I have seen of late is also Korn related and is in fact the thing that I never thought possible: Korn Unplugged.
Now how do a band like Korn record an Unplugged performance? Well quite simply they turn into a samba band and they get the Cure to guest with them. Check out what Blind sounds like sambafied:

Korn play the Ambassador again tonight

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