some rock for monday

OXES are a Baltimore (woo thats where the wire is based) instrumental rock band.In all of the bands early performances Marc Miller (guitar), Natalio Fowler (guitar) both stood on large black boxes (or pedestals) towering over the audiences - a nod to the superiority complexes of rock bands. The guitarists would occasionally step down from the boxes to walk into the audience and stand in front of individuals in the crowd (while still playing) attempting to make the them feel uncomfortable. This was later aided by the much self-publicised acquisition of wireless guitars. Christopher Freeland (drums) would intermittenly get up from his set and barge around the stage, mumbling incoherent babble, only to sit back down and lunge into another song.

While the band retained its use of the large black boxes and wireless guitars, its later shows were marked by less showmanship. However they still maintain their audacious and silly stage presence.

Kaz Hayashi /Riki Creem Calls This One Chivas Regal

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