round up and stuff

so im assuming everyone has a hangover so todays mp3 is soothing in the hope of maybe helping ease your throbbing head.
so today its Miracle Fortress.Miracle Fortress is the brainchild of Graham Van Pelt, a Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who in this incarnation builds wall of sound pop songs in the tradition of Brian Wilson and Brian Eno. there debut album Five Roses was released in May 2007 and is an ambitious and engaging record of pop songs that echo My Bloody Valentine and the Beach Boys alike.
click here for the song Next Train

and in case you missed any of them heres the tunes i have posted this week
monday Snook Adis
Tuesday Miami Ice
Wednesday The Most Trustworthy Tin Cans
Thursday Bring Out Your Dead
Friday the step
saturday The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

should i keep posting a different song a day what are people thoughs on it ? did you like the songs ? or am i just wasting my time ?

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