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kinda of a round up of news here
first off... have a new blog/podcast they will get 1 artists a month to select 5 obscure bands from their own record collection and introduce us to them. Its a monthly thing , this month they are joined by Estel drummer, Bushy.
upcoming guests include:
Hornby (We Are Knives)
Rupert (Bats)
Vin (the vinny club)
check it

Them sexual winged mammals bats are supporting Chrome Hoof on the 12th of Feb in Whelans , they also have an instore a few days earlier on the 9th of Feb in Tower Records.

Sunset Rubdown (who released one of my favorite records of last year) play Crawdaddy on May 20th. Never seen them before and really looking forward to this.
Sunset Rubdown Live in Chicago "Stadiums and Shrines II"

Why? have expanded as a band to include Fog members Andrew Broder and Mark "Bear" Erickson, cant see this being a bad thing myself.Anticon will release Alopecia on March 11, with a European release on Tomlab to follow.
heres WHY? Video for rubber traits of 2005 "elephant eyelash" LP

Up next not really news but damo showed me this class The Mae Shi video.Track taken from their forthcoming album "HLLLYH" on Moshi Moshi Records. Video directed by The Mae Shi (self-directed). check it
The Mae Shi - Run to Your Grave

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