New Xiu Xiu video and other stuff

Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoo-shoo) is an experimental indie band. The band is the sonic brainchild of singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart. The band's name is taken from the 1998 Chinese film Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl directed by Joan Chen. Xiu Xiu's music draws heavily from several disparate genres including punk, noise rock, ambient noise, modern classical, and folk.
Xiu Xiu's sixth full-length, Women as Lovers, was released a few days ago below is the first video taken from it

Xiu Xiu "I Do What I Want, When I Want"

Xiu Xiu also have a new video magazine called "I Do What I Want When I Want" feating Greg Saunier of Deerhoof talking about something very close to my own heart click here

heres Deerhoof's video for "The Perfect Me" from their album, Friend Opportunity
Deerhoof - The Perfect Me

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