Stars play Tripod!!! Tooth Cavity levels rise throughout Dublin!!!

A band that has hovered close to my radar throughout their lifespan of 3 or 4 albums without ever having entered, I found myself nonetheless accompanying a mate to the gig, partly out of curiosity and partly because I needed practice driving with a full license driver (see here for tales of woe relating to that).

Now if Belle & Sebastian are not your cup of tea then stick well away from Stars. A band so sweet and treacly that they make the medicine go down. Throughout the gig the band members take it in turns to throw flowers into the audience, (Urp!!!) while the singer begins every song with a gushing review of Ireland and how much it means to him that people listen to their records all the way over here. Because we're so far away and off the world map obviously.
Check this live performance for evidence of schmaltz:

The music really is decent enough though, however syrupy and there's some totally decent numbers thrown in the mix like this one:

And for all of you determined to see the attractiveness of a band before they make up their minds about them, have at you:

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