A Confederacy of Dunces: Read it!

So was around in the house of friends earlier and noticed that one of the residents was reading this awesome book by John Kennedy Toole and I thought to myself "Hmm if only there was some way that I could let people know that I think they should read this book". Lo and behold...

To try and describe the plot would be to do it disservice but trust me when I say that nearly every line in this masterpiece is witty to Wildeian proportions (a term? It is now). If you need any more convincing then go ask the Arcade Fire. They're clearly fans as they named their second album after Toole's only other novel "The Neon Bible"

For those of you who have read it then click below for my fantasy casting.

This isn't so much a fantasy cast as it is the cast that were set to star in the version that was supposed to be shot in 2003 but was then cancelled. I reckon these would have been savage had it come to fruition.

Ignatius - Will Ferrell (in a fat suit but how awesome would that be)
Jones - Mos Def
Mrs Reilly - Lily Tomlin
Officer Mancusco - Paul Rudd
Darlene - Drew Barrymore (or Rosie Perez depending on which version you've heard of)
Lana Lee - Kirsten Johnson

Anyway it might still happen.

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March 1, 2008 at 11:36 PM John fitness trainers Austin said...

My favorite book of all time. I hear Will Ferrell is being considered to play Dunces‘ main character ignatius J. Reilly.

Belushi, Candy and I believe Victor Bono (King Tut in the Bat man series) were all considered. They all died. Beware Will. The character requires an aura of erudition and pompousness. I think Will can do the later; I don't know about the former.

I would rather it be an unknown. Will seems to play himself in every role.