Final Fantasy's 'Maximum Black Festival' Examined

The musical God that is Owen Pallett is to curate the 'Maximum Black' Festival', stopping in Berlin, Vienna & London. Being fairly confident of Pallett's impeccable taste, I'd imagine this fest will be pretty interesting, even if I've never heard any of the acts on the bill.

They are: Six Organs of Admittance, Frog Eyes, Dirty Projectors, Alexander Tucker, Stephen O'Malley & Final Fantasy himself.

See the lineup investigated after the jump.

On first look, my faith is immediately justified. Here's Six Organs of Admittance with 'Shelter From The Ash':

Wow. I shall be tracking down that album.. well, now.

Next up, Frog Eyes. This is pretty interesting.

Again, kudos Mr Pallett. Here's Dirty Projectors doing a Blogotheque Take Away show (my advice is to skip to 4.15 and watch the second song, Depression, performed in McDonalds- tis excellent):

Alexander Tucker seems pretty interesting- experimental psychedelia- but has no youtube prescence that I can find, so you'll have to check out his solitary song on myspace.

Sharing a stage with Mr Tucker as part of a once-off live duo will be Stephen O'Malley. Who, oh lord, is part of a Death Metal band. Called Sunn O))). They are.. strange:

Hmm.. well, three out of four aint bad. Oh, and as a bonus for our friends on the continent, their lineup also includes Deerhoof. Sorry, London.

The 'Maximum Black Festival' kicks off in two weeks time. You can check out the details here.

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February 18, 2008 at 11:30 AM Aíló said...

aaagh! I would so love to be going to that!
Max Tundra, Deerhoof and Final Fantasy would be reason enough to take a trip to Berlin!

Story of how it came about on and Thumped

February 21, 2008 at 2:22 AM Clockwork Rob said...

Wow, just listened to Max Tundra now, tis great. Thank you, Owen Pallett..

Cool story about how the fest came about. Classic.