Not-So-Super Tuesday

The results are all pretty much in from the epic series of primaries and caucuses that is 'Super Tuesday', and what have we learned? Hmm.. Not much.

So John McCain has got the Republican nomination pretty much sewn up, believed to have about 560 delegates, with 'Mormon' Mitt Romney & 'Crazy' Mike Hukabee estimated to have around 270 & 170 respectively. Crucially, McCain scored a victory in California- the state with most delegates up for grabs; and unlike the democrats, republican delegates are allocated on a 'winner takes all' basis. So he'll be quite happy with that.

But we all knew that already- McCain was the clear frontrunner, and the only surprise was that Crazy Mike managed to do as well as he did (in fairness, a man who bases his presidential campaign around the novelty of Chuck Norris really should be out of the race by now).

Over on the democratic side of things, Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama by less than one hundred delegates, so it's really still anyone's game. Whispers have started about a so-called 'Dream Ticket'- the possibility that the loser of this two horse race might pick the other as their running mate- which is a pretty damn appealing idea to be honest. Which way it'll go is anyone's guess, as it's really too tight to call at this stage. It's looking like this one could go all the way to the Democratic conference in August, when the candidate is officially chosen.

One thing is clear though, Obama has gone through a major surge in the last couple of weeks, and I'm no political scientist but in my mind this can only be attributed one thing... Snoop Dogg. The original gangsta recently told Larry King Live that although he belongs not to the Republican or Democrat but Gangsta Party, he feels a deep affinity for Obama as a black man, and asserted his belief that America needs a change.

Go Snoop.

Of course, as readers of this blog well know, Snoop joins an illustrious list of Obama supporters which are listed in our Pop-Culture Election. Joan Baez also threw her hat into the ring for Obama in the last few days, but, honestly, who do you think made the difference?

I thought so...

If all this madness of Caucuses, Primaries & Delegates seems like gibberish to anyone, fear not- RTE have provided a simple explanation for the whole drawn out process here. Thanks to Blathnaid for the sense-making.

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