Obama Beats Clinton.. At The Grammys

I know what you're thinking- this man can do anything- and it may be true.

Barack Obama may be trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls, but on Sunday he claimed a victory over another Clinton- at the Grammys.

Both Obama & former President Bill Clinton were nominated in the Spoken Word category, a gong that each have won in the past- Obama once in 2006 for his memoir 'Dreams From My Father', and Clinton in 2004 for his reading of 'Peter & The Wolf' and in 2005 for his own memoir, 'My Life'.

Of course, anything these guys can do, Hillary is more than capable of doing herself. She also is a Grammy award winner, taking the prize in 1997 for her book 'It Takes A Village'.

It seems they really do give these things out to anyone, but it still doesn't make Obama any less of a legend.

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