Rambo satisfies all blood lust

So hot on the heels of his successful return to his Rocky character Stallone brings back the other franchise that helped make him a household name in the 80's.

So whats the actual title?

Well first it was Rambo IV: In the Serpents Eye then it was Rambo IV then it became John Rambo and then finally for some reason its been changed to just plain and simple Rambo. Because this won't make people think that this is the first installment.

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Why would they think that?

Okay. Here are the name of the four Rambo movies in chronological order: First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Rambo. Little confusing about which is which? Maybe.

Whats the story?

A group of American missionary types try to go into Burma to help some poor people to....blah blah blah...skip to the end...Rambo kills lots of people.

So how's the violence?
Lashings of it. Lashings and lashings and lashings of it. Bodies explode. Body parts get separated from their bodies. Blood from bodies spray over other bodies and sometimes the camera.

Will I get an erection?

Probably if you're asking that question. You won't believe that bullets can actually tear bodies apart in the manner that they do in this film. There might even be a few penises flying around in there as well. Who knows.

So is it any good?
That question is completely irrelevant in this case. What you should be asking me is: Bang bang bang? The answer to which is a resounding Bang Bang BANG!!!!!

Take a look at the trailer. That should give you a sampling.

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