REM For Oxegen

REM have been confirmed as one of this year's Oxegen headliners, joining Kings of Leon, who were already added to the bill as the 'fans choice'.

In my opinion, this is good news, but not for obvious reasons.

With Oxegen's habit of nabbing artists from Electric Picnic (Arcade Fire, anyone?), I'm anxious for them to start booking as many acts that I'm not pushed on seeing as possible. Not that I don't like REM, but I've definitely cooled on them in the last couple of years (and ultimately, seen them live before).

This year with bands such as Rage Against The Machine doing the rounds the stakes are high. So kudos, Oxegen, you're playing right into our hands. Let the booking battle continue!

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February 16, 2008 at 4:15 AM Evil Bob said...

Fuck NO!!!!!!!!
This means that I will NOT see REM this year unless they play Glastonbury.
For fucks sake!!!
How could they be so foolish,
I think the odds of Rage playing the Picnic are running at about 66/1.
Anyone who wants to take those odds knows where's to find me