Spike Jonze Flick In Trouble

'Where The Wild Things Are', Spike Jonze's adaptation of the popular children's book may be in serious trouble. Apparently Warner Bros are a tad unhappy about the tone of the film, which is described as 'scary' and 'weird' (which begs the question of why they hired Jonze in the first place).

To add another complication, there seems to be problems on the effects side of things. Apparently the plan was to film the movie using actors in giant Muppet-esque suits, then digitally insert the characters faces. Now it seems this technique is too problematic, and is leading to calls for a re-shoot... of the entire thing.

This spells trouble for the whole production, with the (Jonze/Dave Eggers) script likely to be tampered with, and even talk of lead actor Max Records being replaced as the studio are not fans.

So will it ever see the light of day? Chances are good, but which version we'll get to see is a different question..

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