Super Extra Bonus Party Win Choice Music Prize

Congrats are due to the Kildare lads who took home the prestigious prize last night. The competition was strong, with 2007 being an excellent year for Irish albums. The nominees included Cathy Davey, Delorentos, Adrian Crowley & Dry County- but it was the Super Extra Bonus Party LP which won over the panel of judges. The prize is worth ten grand in prize money to the band, and even more in exposure and general door openings for them.

If you want to see the band live and check out just why they've deservingly picked up the Choice prize, you don't have long to wait as they play the Childline Rocks show tonight in the Acadamy. Also on the bill are the likes of Jape, Ham Sandwich & the excellent Rocket Surgery. For those who can't make it along tonight, here's a taste of SEBP with the fantastic 'Everything Flows':

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