'Venom' the movie

So for any of you who thought that the character of Venom had been fucked over in the last Spiderman movie and been ill served in general, the news that they are commisioning a spin-off movie for the evil bastard should come as a pleasant surprise.

There are many fans of this character, some of whom write for this blog, and the oppurtunity to see the character done justice should be something worth waiting for. Empire have the story here and you can now spend the next few years wondering whether its going to be the Eddie Brock version of Venom in a different universe or if its going to be one of the other unfortunates who've worn the suit over the years that will be portrayed in the movie. Just remember what happened before when they took a comic book villain into its own movie seperating it from its origin story completely: Catwoman! Perish the thought!

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