The Books story began in 2000, when Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong met through a friend in New York City. Sharing similar interests but different backgrounds in acoustic music and found sound, Zammuto and de Jong experimented and plunked away with sound.
Their music is a mix of aleatoric, electronica, folk, and acoustic music (de Jong is a cellist and Zammuto plays acoustic guitar and electric bass), incorporating samples of sounds, speech and music.They have released three albums Thought for Food (2002),The Lemon of Pink and Lost and Safe (2005) all on Tomlab.
Their live shows consisted primarily of live acoustic performance (cello, guitar and vocals), played with prerecorded electronics and synchronized video

The Books - The Classy Penguin (live)

The Books - An Owl With Knees (live)

In 2007 they released a DVD of the synchronized videos they they play at the live shows it is available to buy from there website here
below are links to some of the footage from the DVD.

smells like content
Be Good to Them Always
classy penguin

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February 6, 2008 at 12:23 PM Aíló said...

mmm love The Books and their website is super sweet with nice cardboardy looking stuff on it...
A Little Longing Goes Away is one of the nicest songs I've heard. That album Lost and Safe is quite different from the others I have, but equally lovely, they have quite a particular style but with that album it changes I think and it's good to see/ short: I lIKE The Books.