British Expeditionary Force Are Quite Good

Just discovered these guys 'The British Expeditionary Force', comprised of Justin Lockey, formerly of yourcodenameis:milo, and various producer friends whom Lockey claims to have never met in real life during the making of this album.

The album in question is part one in an elaborate three part concept album. This one is entitled Chapter One: A Long Way From Home, and as might might guess from the suggestion of a three part concept album- it's a bit prog-y.

But don't be scared off, cause this is the good kinda prog. Only mildly rambling, the tracks are grounded by minimalist vocals & melodic piano tracks. We even get treated to the odd explosion of beats, as you can hear from this, the title track:

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This is probably the liveliest offering on the six track album, as the majority is quite mellow, with full soundscapes and a kind of perversely comforting feeling throughout.

It's definitely an album worth checking out. And you may have some time to digest it, as there seems to be no word as yet on when parts two & three are to be released.

Here's a taste of the mellower side, this is the promo teaser for the album, featuring the track 'All Those Demons':

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