Mills Gets £24.3 Million To Go Away

Heather Mills (right), has managed to squeeze £24.3 million out of Paul McCartney. The former Beatle had offered gold digging 'model' a fairly damned respectable £15 mil, but the crazy bitch threw it back in his face and demanded £125 million instead.

So the whole process was dragged publicly before the courts, a scenario Mills was more than happy with as it afforded her more opportunities to shite on for the cameras about how great she is. Which is exactly what she did as soon as the settlement was made- rushed out to further throttle her dignity by making sweeping statements to the press about how thrilled she was with the 'incredible result' and about how it's great news for 'all the charities that i obviously plan on helping'.

Her elated demeanor differed slightly from her reported behavior inside the courtroom, where she apparently threw a glass of water over McCartney's lawyer, who emerged from the court with wet hair. When asked about what happened, Mills laughed (manically, I'd imagine) and said that the lawyer had been “baptised in court”.


Its only a shame that nobody thought to throw water on Heather Mills when this whole debacle started, as the chances are she would have melted.

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