Music to get lied to by

A friend of mine Cian gave me this compilation (called "Music to get lied to by") its really good and though i would share tracklisting and download link in the read more

Track listing
Sparklehorse - Sea of Teeth
Colleen - Babies
Fourtet - RID
Ohio Players - Love Slipped Through My Fingers
They Might Be Giants - Hearing Aid
Jape - I Spend Too Much Time At Conferences
Electrelane - Oh Sombra!
Micah P Hinson - The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea
Bjork - Unravel
Psapp - Curuncula
The Album Leaf - Thule
Nico - These Days

download here

Cian has a film up on youtube that also really good you can check it out below

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