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Tubelord are a three piece from Kingston Upon Thames playing post-progressive-hardcore in coded pop.

Tubelord - Feed Me A Box Of Words

Tubelord myspace

Blakfish are a 4 piece from Birmingham UK. They have been playing together since they were 12. Blakfish's eccentric high-energy offbeat stop-start hardcore is an intoxicating blend of elemental forces, with reggae breakdowns and hip hop interludes lightening the mood amidst scalding, paint stripping riot rock topped by alternately melodic and throat-ripping raging vocals.

Blakfish - Captain Burns (live)

Blakfish myspace

Enemies started a few years back as a solo project by guitarist Eoin Whitfield called "New Man Eoin". In the summer of 2007 he got three other musicians; Lewis Jackson (Guitar), Oisín McMahon Trench (Drums) and Mark O' Brien (Bass). They became "enemies" and play relaxing, hypnotic (yet large at parts) music together. They released they're debut EP "Alpha Waves" in early March 2008.

Enemies - For One Night Only

Enemies myspace

Almost Cliché
a wicklow based DIY post-rock hardcore band with dance elements.

Almost Cliché - "Bells"

Almost Cliché myspace

Ciarán Parnell
Ciarán Parnell - Aaron Echolls

Ciarán Parnell myspace

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