Nickelback Play Dublin & Give Me An Excuse To Slag Them

The steaming pile that is Nickelback have announced that they are to play the RDS, Simmonscourt. The show isn't til September 13th, so there's still a good chance they might split up by then, thus saving residents of the Ballsbridge area from the brain damage that would inevitably result from hearing Nickelback live.

Tickets cost a comical 54.80, so we can expect the show to be downsized to a more 'intimate' venue at some point pre-september. How the hell are they still booking arena shows? How the hell are they still on a major record label?? Bewildering.

Check the readmore my using this opportunity to take some swipes at Chad Kruger & Co.

Click here for a true internet jem- an exposé (as if it needed exposing) of Nickelback as a- quote: "lazy, talentless bunch of wankers"

Hilarious? Or depressing? A bit of both, sir, a bit of both.

More Nickelhilarity (click image to enlarge):

Boy do I have a dislike for this band..

It's good to vent these things every once in a while.

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