State Launches In Tower with Ham Sandwich

Just back from Ham Sandwich's Tower Records show promoting the fact that State Magazine hits the shelves today.

The band were great, performing a set made up of their own material & covers of artists featured in the magazine. Having started off seemingly unsure of their covers (Podge expressed his terror at their approach in the setlist on several occasions), they hit their grove when doing a fantastic rendition of REM's 'At My Most Beautiful'. The performance continued to shine from there, particularly on their excellent album opener 'St Christopher'.

Having finally got the first issue of State in my mitts, I'm pleased to report that, as expected, it's a fantastic read. All the bases are covered- excellent features, nice asides & a hefty review section, taking in not only music, but books, games and DVDs.

I look forward to regularly spending 5.50 on it, as should you!

Don't forget that Ham Sandwich, Story of Hair & Stagger Lee play Crawdaddy TONIGHT.

Do it.

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