5 Second Review: Hot Chip's Made In The Dark

I'm a casual Hot Chip fan. What I've heard, I've liked. Made In The Dark is the first of their albums I've actually bought, and I can see myself buying more.


  • Experimental, production-wise. Lots of messing around that comes off reeeally well.
  • There's at least six or six songs on it you'll want to dance to.
  • Hook city. Bendable Poseable; Ready For The Floor and particularly Shake a Fist are catchy as hell, and kickass.
  • While the album is about 60% party music, they also do 'mellow' quite well.
  • It seems to be a grower.
  • Some of the up-tempo numbers are non-starters, and a bit 'same-y'.
  • Nothing quite as good as Over and Over (can we hold that against them?).
  • When the 'mellow' doesn't work, it reeeally doesn't work.
  • Not much immediate satisfaction, for the pop-song-junkies out there.
  • Tendency to shite on a bit.
When it's good it's very very good, when it's bad... well, you get the picture.


The truly excellent Shake a Fist

Click For mp3

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