Sunny Weather, Sunny Music

It seems we're gonna have another one of those summers that start early and are over by June at the latest. Bastards.

We might as well try to enjoy it while it lasts, so here's something suitably sunny to go with it.

Alan Wilkis is a Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist who decided to create an album that fuses Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates, Boston, Kraftwerk, and the Beach Boys.

Crazy? Probably. Successful? Surprisingly so.

A lot of Wilkis' stuff sounds like it wouldn't be out of place riding the charts of the 70s or 80s, and with the occasional dash of elecro thrown in there's something for everyone.

We all love a shamelessly sugary pop song every once in a while, so here's your RDA for Friday- this is Burnin':

Check out Alan Wilkis on myspace here.
Alan Wilkis' album, Babies Dream Big, is available now on iTunes.

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