5 Second Review: Slash's Autobiography

Slash spills all about Guns, Roses and how much of a prick Axl Rose is.


  • The inside scoop from one of the key members of one of the most debauched bands there ever was.
  • Easy-going tone that gives you the feel of having a conversation with the man
  • Juicy gossip about the break up of one of the biggest rock bands in the world
  • Sex, sex, sex, drugs, drugs, drugs. Always interesting to read about other people's hell


  • Sometimes he leans too much on the "thats just my opinion" cop-out when bitching about Axl
  • One gets the feeling that there's more stories of women and drugs that are being swept under the rug
  • Written before the Velvet Revolver seperation so its fairly lacking on the bitching for that particular corner of his life
  • As is typical with most rock biographies, unless you're playing the music while you're reading, then being told about the making of the music isn't as interesting as the stuff that inspired it.
Terrific reading for anybody who has or had even a passing interest in Guns N'Roses and terrific reading in general. Slash has always come across as a nice and generally laid back guy and the way he re-tells his story certainly adds to that. The tales of his overdoses and freak-outs occasionally straddle the line between cautionary tale and rock n'roll fantasy but you come out thinking that as much as Slash might not want to replay certain episodes of his life he certainly doesn't regret a thing.

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