5 Second Review: Tokyo Police Club's Elephant Shell

Catchy poppy rocky canucks release debut EP on indie-canadian label, it's really good. Sign to ultra-hip UK & US labels (Wichita & Saddle-Creek), release debut LP... it's really, really, good.


  • Consistently catchy 'our drummer drinks a lot of coffee' beat throughout the entire album.
  • Tendency to sparingly bring in a yummy sounding piano at just the right time.
  • Mixes up-tempo guitar-pop with a twinkly ethereal feeling. Which is good.
  • Only one track on the album breaks the 3 minute mark. I like brevity.
  • It seems each member of this band is capable of delivering a bitchin hook on their respective instruments.
  • Your English Is Good has serious hit-single potential.
  • Some of the rockier edge from A Lesson In Crime has been lost (blame the glockenspiel?).
  • A little bit too much 'Let's ALL sing the chorus!' & 'HEY! HEY! HEY!'. But just a little.
  • A tad too sugary on occasion.
  • Tough to come up with cons, it's really quite good.

A record for all occasions, if not all listeners. Expect Tokyo Police Club to get bigger- soon. Kudos to anyone who caught their show in the Hub last summer. It will soon be one of those enviable trophy-gigs.


Tokyo Police Club- Juno

Click for mp3

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April 10, 2008 at 5:29 PM daniel said...

Wasn't 'Your English Is Good' already released as a single? One less pro so. I was a bit disappointed buy the album expected it to be better. And longer - 28mins?!